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Razor barbed wire department of Diamond Company is specialized in producing various kinds of razor barbed wire. The contiguous two razor wire cross and fastened by iron clips, we call it double loops(cross type) razor barbed wire, it is also called concertina barbed wire.

The technics of razor barbed wire: We punch and cut the steel plate into sharp blade strip, then enwrap the mid-carbon steel wire(core wire).

Razor barbed wire is a new defencing product which is fetched from abroad. Sharp razor barbed wire has a snake-shaped, constituted by fastened double strand razor wire. Frightening anyone who want to get close to the fence. Actually, people will be hurt once get across it. The effect is obvious.

It is easily and expediently installation, welcome by army and police.
It has been widly used in airport, key military sites, border line, prison, government, bank, bounding wall of villa, highway, fence of railway and etc. in many countries.

Cross type razor barbed wire: The near two razor wire are closely combined by a clip,
up, down and sideways are interwoven and meshed with each other.

razor wire design

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