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razor barbed wire coil

Barbed tape concertina wire 'BTC' has been developed to replace standard barbed wire in its role to deter, obstruct and protect.

The more effective BTC wire consists of a steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and having hook- 0r spear-like barbs at close intervals.

Heavy duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters from 450mm dia to 980mm dia. The coils can be attached to existing barrier fences or used independently as a barrier line. The system is used widely by the military, police, commerce and industry.


Special Features of Barbed Tape


  1. The barb rips and the hook grabs, unlike the prick of standard barbed wire.
  2. There are 3 - 4 times more points per meter than barbed wire.
  3. The coil wire is hardened steel of 780kg breaking strain and thus cannot be cut with standard tools. This spring steel also ensures that the coil holds its shape.
  4. The BTC lends itself to installation along an existing border fence/wall where at low cost the security of that barrier can be greatly improved.
  5. BTC provides for a wide variety of installation configurations, any of which may be selected to meet the degree of security required, according to the need of that particular site.
  6. The wire provides a light barrier and is thus easy to ship, transport and deploy.
  7. BTC follows ground contours and can be rapidly installed without posts or straining wire, ie pyramid formation.
  8. Tests revealed that certain military track armoured vehicles were stopped by BTC when the hardened steel entangled the tracks


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