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Razor Wire Concertina Specific..
barbed tape concertina..
razor barbed tape..
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barbed tape concertina wire

barbed tape concertina wire

Protecting People – Securing Objects
In this day and age, more than ever before, people and objects need to be sufficiently protected. For expert consulting, planning and implementation, it becomes indispensable to engage professionals to ensure the best possible and most sensible security.

Since 1987, Diamond Company has been operating in the field of passive perimeter security systems for industrial and military objects, as well as penitentiaries and detention facilities. we did orders for Nepal, Saudi Arabia,UAE,Egypt,Kenya and so on.

We believe in designing, manufacturing and supplying quality material Concertina Wire Razor Wire quality material. Quality checks are conducted at each and every stage of production to ensure high reliability and consistent quality. These wires have a numerous distinctive features like galvanized steel strips of 0,5-0,55 mm thickness, with double-edged, symmetrically located blades.

Barbed Tape Concertina Wire

•Galvanized steel strips.
•Double-edging and symmetrical location of blades.

•long barbed tape and short barbed tape

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