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Razor Wire Fence Installation and Assembly

Razor Wire Fence Installation and Assembly

The need to prevent unauthorized access into the territory of protected objects can  use  spiral razor fence in enterprises of all sectors, both as a primary means of protection, or in conjunction with electronic detection equipment.

Installation of reinforced razor wire fence can as soon as possible to erect a sturdy physical barrier, both the permanent and temporary nature with minimal costs. And it is Efficiency and ease.
The razor mesh safety barrier can be used to build fences of varying height, width, thickness, both directly on the ground, and on any type of fence, as well as on the roofs and walls of the building.
When installing on the ground, in places of high rainfall, the fence does not contribute to the creation of additional snow drifts, also reduced the number of mobile security teams viewable by the perimeter, which reduces the cost of maintaining the security departments. More important is that the cost of such razor barriers is lower than the product of reinforced concrete of the same height and length.
In a residential area, installation razor mesh fence and flat razor coils is carried out in three stages:
• securing  bearing on the fence, and stretching the wire to attach the spiral;
• laying the spiral formed in cradle;
• consolidation of the concertina.

Examples of installation and assembly of razor wire fence are as following:


1  Three razor concertina coils is installed as fence:


Three razor concertina coils is installed as fence


 2  Razor concertina (diameter 600mm) is installed on the wall with high 2000mm:


Razor concertina


3.Razor wire concertina (diameter 600mm) is installed on the welded razor fence with high 2000mm:


Razor wire concertina


4  Razor  concertina wire (diameter 600mm) is installed on the welded wire fence with high 2000mm:


Razor  concertina wire


5  Three razor wire concertina (diameter 600mm) are installed on the welded razor mesh with high 900mm:


Three razor wire concertina

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