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Concertina Razor Wire - BTO22 with 500mm

Technical Details

1. Barb type: BTO22 (22mm blade length, ideal for defeating intruders)

2. Coil extension: 10-12m

3. Coil Diameter: 500mm coiled (slightly less extended)

4. Number of loops/turns per coil: 55

5. Stainless Steel Coil

Concertina Razor Wire - BTO22 with 500mm

Product Description


NOTE: When comparing products some suppliers do not quote the number of turns/loops so one of their coils could contain half the amount of Razor Wire!   They may also claim their coils extend further, but unless their coils contain more than 55 loops all this is doing is stretching the Concertina to a point where it is no longer effective, additionally the blade model and length affects the price, CBT65 has a large 65mm blade whereas BTO22 has a 22mm blade, other factors are the amount of zinc used in Galvanising determines the products durability, all our Galvanised Razor wire has between 40-60g/m2 and 200g/m2, which Galvanised razor wire 200 g/m2  is more than adequate for the world non coastal areas. 

BTO22 is great for the world coastal areas because it is made frome stainless steel which lasts three times longer than Galvanised but is three times the price, finally the core wire should be at least 2.5mm to give the Razor Wire the correct tensile strength. 

Product details

W.  Boxed-product Weight: 8 Kg
W/O Boxed-product Weight: 6.5 kg

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